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programming languages
perl, php, python, ruby, SQL, javascript, java, C/C++, C#, MQL4, Visual Basic

web technologies
Apache, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows (NT/2K/3.1/95/98/ME/XP), IIS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite, GCC, (ba)sh, ipfw, TCP/IP, XML-RPC, ReST, Metatrader, CMSAPI, dotNET, DDE, ActiveX, Zope, GWT, AJAX, RubyOnRails, Catalyst, Bugzilla, Mailman, GForge, Photoshop

select projects
ActiveState, Global Market Insite, ASPN, AS Bugs, Listserv, Dig Into Dogs, Web Logs, Alttech Ventures, IPTag, TagTech IP Viewer, News Boxx, Psychic Machine, ONap, DDPD

A short history of me: I was born and raised a child of bilingual parents in Montreal, Quebec; Canada. There I completed post-secondary educations in general sciences and liberal arts. After coming of age I spent a year and a half living in Kingston, Ontario, as a musician while also travelling throughout the US. In the following 2 years I visited over 20 states, logged over 4 months of travel-time, and played guitar in some of the most unusual places imaginable. When the dust cleared I settled in Vancouver, BC, where I met my one true love Myriah Tonge. Myriah and I started a company called Escential Candle Crafts and travelled across Canada (the true north strong and freezing) making business contacts, doing craft fairs, and selling candles; finally settling down again on the west coast in Victoria where we continued to build our company contacts. We relocated to Vancouver so I could return to school to complete a diploma in Geomatics specialising in computer information processing for the industry. When I finished my diploma I began taking independent contracts to develop and enhance custom web properties. My work with Altech Ventures was focused on developing value into their suite of IP protection software. I conceived our flagship product: the TagTech Image Viewer - a client side applet and mod_perl backend that encrypted/decrypted image streams to deter unauthorized duplication. Though Altech eventually folded due to poor management and even poorer investor relations however the TagTech product was salvaged and sold to a third party where it continues to be used and enhanced. At ActiveState I was part of a small team that helped build value worth 25 million dollars (USD) and participated in a "liquidation event" when we were acquired by Sophos Plc. My primary role was developing, programming, & maintaining all of the ActiveState web properties using Open Source technologies. My secondary role was to assist in the integration of ActiveState into the Sophos Plc. organization. During this period Myriah and I enlarged our family with a wonderful new dog named Mojo - a "chocolate" Labrador Retriever that we spoil rotten. My hopes for the future are to continue working in the tech sector while saving for retirement on the Sunshine Coast.

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